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Voyage Prive & VACANCES 2016 RUINEES

August 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Les pratiques commerciales malhonnêtes, une gestion responsable inexistante ainsi que les pratiques financières douteuses = voyage Prive & VACANCES 2016 RUINEES

The very questionable & truly not client focused business practices of Voyage prive, a company which claims to be leader in their segment with 500M Euro revenue and 400 employees.

Not aware of all the bad experiences documented on this site we signed a contract for a holiday in the UAE at the 21th of July for a departure the 3th of August.

The payment should have been done by credit card & cheque vacances, but as voyage prive could not process the cheques in time they offered us to charge the full amount by credit card and to refund the value of the cheque vacancies after validation. Based on the information on their web site we should have received plane tickets & hotel voucher the 28th of July, but not information was provided at that date.

Starting 29th of July (4 days prior departure) we called voyage prive every day to receive always the same message: everything was okay with our booking and we should receive the documents soon, but latest until 02th of August 19:00 (the night before departure).

Still trusting the information from voyage prive I called the hotel myself on the 1th of August for some room arrangements and was informed from the Hotel that there was no reservation under our names at all.We immediately called voyage prive and were told (again) that all is okay and that there was a room available but the confirmation was pending. 

This happened just 2 days prior to departure and 12 days after signing the contract & charging our credit card, the statement of voyage prive was now that they are still WAITING for confirmation. 

In the evening of the same day we finally got a phone response from voyage prive that our hotel is booked out and has no room, but they would work on "the nessacaire" without any further details what this would be and not answering any questions on the next steps.

We immediately called ourselves the hotel again and the hotel confirmed in writing that there are still rooms available and we send this information to voyage prive but no reaction to this information at all. In addition several notes to the complain e-mail address of voyage prive providing the same facts & the mail of the hotel about available rooms were never answered.

On the morning of the 2th of August (one day before departure) we received finally a counter offer of voyage price, a very family oriented hotel which received a lot of comments on loud noise on trip advisor . Far from what we have booked.

We again called voyage prive , told them that we refuse this hotel and again informed them that there are still rooms in our original hotel available (for which we signed a contract with voyage prive).

The response of voyage prive was very interesting, telling us to "please stop calling calling voyage prive, you are not a priority as you do not leave today" and were promised a solution by latest 21:00, the night before departure. 

We informed Voyage prive that we 1) have already refused the family hotel and would not accept any proposal not in our criteria and 2) that there are still rooms available in the Hotel Voyage prive had sold to us. No answer was provided at all to our question on what other steps voyage prive is taking to secure our vacation.

And finally, not surprising at this stage, we received a e-mail at 20:30 the night with the proposition of exactly the same family oriented hotel we already refused in the morning.

But the bad experience does not stop here: when we asked about the steps to get our money back and what compensation voyage prive would offer for the spoiled vacation & additional expenses we had we received answers from "you will loose 100% of your payment " to " we will refund the total amount" . But again .. nothing in writing and all by phone paid by us ... as voyage prive never ever called us!

The following morning we even received e-mails stating different status, one stating that the total amount is already transferred back to our credit card account and a later second mail stating we will receive two credit card refunds and one addition cheque. Up to today (7days after cancellation) we have received only parts of the money with no information from voyage prive when we will get the still outstanding money (close to 50% in credit card refund and Cheque vacances still missing from voyage prive).

During all this nightmare the business practice of voyage prive are as following:

- VPG sold a hotel room without securing confirmation during 12 days & they did not fulfil their contract even with still available rooms in the selected hotel
- VPG never calls back a client (promised several times, not happened once), you can only contact voyage prive for 40cents a minute at your own cost
- VPG never pro-actively informed the client on their mistake to not have a confirmation 
- the reclamation department never answered several mails with detailed questions
- the department for counterproposal does not communicate with clients, just with internal phone agents
- the VPG phone agents give complete different & misleading information every time called 
- there a no second level phone agents, complain department, manager or decision maker available for a direct communication at all
- VPG choose to hide the problem until the day prior to departure (buying time so that the client would desperately accept a low value exchange offer )
- we asked several times about a written confirmation on conditions for refund & compensation for the spoiled vacation with no answer at all
- VPG sends wrong information about refund status.

Overall this is my worst internet experience ever, an unbelievable business & client behavior for a professional company of the size of voyage prive.

This company takes the client hostage and shows some borderline business practices ... so be aware what you can get into with voyage prive. And given the amount of recent complains on this site here this is not a single experience ... I rather assume there is a significant problem in quality & business processes at VPG.

P.S. Given that VPG is performing this business practices on the internet I will make sure that social media and all our friends will know this site and the bad experiences made with VPG. In addition I will start the process to claim damages for the spoiled vacation and additional related expenses on my side

Bjoern Hirsch


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