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Henri Haddad(non-registered)
When passion for photography meets passion for cars the result is just amazing ! ... excellent shots Bjoern ...Thanks !
Exceptionnel - Impressive(non-registered)
Thank You Bjoern to make all of us travelling around the world..
You are giving me the appetite to learn how to better use and get the best from my camera..
Tschüssss... Gilles
A taste of Naples !(non-registered)
You take us on this trip with you through your photography! The light, the colours, the perspectives! we can breathe and taste the country! Thank you Bjoern!
Henri Haddad(non-registered)
As usual Bjoern you take us places with your photography . Great moments captured and magic colors ... you need to travel more man so that we can travel with you ..

Ping Chow(non-registered)
The July firework photos are beautiful. What settings did you use? Were the photos taken from a tripod? Remember this... Chinese invented the fireworks so that the rest of the world can enjoy.. 8>)
Henri Haddad(non-registered)
When the pictures are even more beautiful than the real thing ... that's real art !! ... hats off to a real professional shoot !! .. you can be proud of yourself especially that this is your first fireworks shoot .. with these results I guess it will not be your last .

Thanks for all these great souvenirs for a moment we enjoyed together.

Diana Haddad(non-registered)
Amazing pics of the 14th July - I love them all and they really reflect the moment shared!
thank you Bjoern !
Bjoern, amazing photography!! Vibrant colors!!! Enjoyed your latest capture on Dubai!!
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